Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I think I need a laptop. Preferably one that costs about a dollar.

I'm in an ongoing battle and I'm losing. Here's the situation: my home computer sits on the same desk as my work computer. And for the past few weeks, as soon as I finish work, my body becomes severely allergic to my office chair. So I'm battling my desire to blog with my revulsion to my office post 5:01 pm and the office is winning. Ive even tried making it more appealing by cleaning it and everything. It was starting to look like a frat house during rush week, minus the college men ( not for a lack of trying).

So I've been debating what kind of laptop to get and I've finally decided but since I am the Cheapest Woman on Earth, I have a hard time buying a laptop just to blog. But I've finally had enough. Do you know where I'm typing this blog? In bed from my iPhone. FROM MY iPHONE. I'm just hoping nothing ends up on I can't even change this crappy font or add pictures but I just can't bring myself to go back into that office. So for now, I have my notebook and as soon as I teach myself to print again, I'll just write down my blog notes the old-fashioned way. So that's my battle with my office. It wins, I lose. I'm like France- I surrender! Now I'm gonna get myself a damn laptop.

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Joseph Richmond said...

QVC.....get the 5 or 6 month EZ Pay option.