Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown to the Writing Marathon and Personally-Inflicted Hell Starting Now.......

Hey, welcome to the new site! Bookmark this spot now or you'll forget to do it later. Okay, now that that's done, let's get down to business. And that business would be my last endlessly prattling post prior to my month of novel-writing. Ta da, here it is! I will try to cram every last pointless thought in my head into this post so that I can concentrate on pouring every pointless thought that will come into my head in the next month down on paper. So I will start with...... Jett's mural! 

After I finished Gabi's mural this summer, I promised my nephew Jett that I would paint one for his room and then continuously put it off for months on end. That poor kid has got some patience. I just kept hoping that because he was four, he'd just forget about it but have you ever noticed that kids with an idea are like ho's with a good corner? They just don't let that sucker go! So after looking at all kinds of pictures, we decided on a baseball theme and I found two pictures that I liked and could easily paint together, with the stadium and skyline at the top of the wall and the boy catching the baseball at the bottom.

I took a few progress pics from my phone (sorry for the blur- thanks super old iPhone) and while I was hoping to get this finished up, I think I have about one more day to put into it before it's done.

The famous and super-easy to paint invisible man
We've got skin- and stars! Movin' on up...
The buildings and bridges are my favorite parts
And we now have shoes, stripes, and eyeballs. We are officially fancy.

I've been spending the last few days trying to wrap up all the stuff that I won't have the time or inclination to do once I'm in my Stephen King-esque writing fugue, complete with blackouts a la The Shining days. But without creepy twin girls. So far I've cleaned out my office, put away all my sewing stuff, washed ALL of my laundry, and passed out the Onerous Chore coupons. What are the Onerous Chore coupons? So glad you asked!
More like Chore Bitch if Shrimp has anything to do with it.
Onerous (pronounced own-er-us) Chore coupons are cruel and unusual coupons that I gave out to my most task-masterish friends and vindictive sister to make sure I keep up with my word counts for December. Don't reach two thousand words by the 4th? Wash Krissi's dog. No biggie. They go from bad to I'd-rather-disembowel-myself worse. Haven't reached thirty-three thousand words by Christmas Eve? I'll be re-checking and quality assuring the monthly ops report for Stephen. The worst are Shrimp's chores. It was like she was just waiting for me to come along and offer these up: take down all of her Christmas decorations, iron ALL of Echo's clothes, QUIT DRINKING FOR A MONTH (that's right, I shortened it to only one month, you cruel-hearted woman), and- possibly worst so far- attend children's sporting events. IN PERSON. She tried to make it for six months but I thought that was stretching it so I made it six events total. 

I'd rather be prison raped than sit through this. I'd better finish this damn book!

I meant to make this a longer post but it's late and since I seriously still do not have anything more than a vague idea of a plot, I'd better try to sleep and hope those mushrooms from the backyard produce some majorly hallucinogenic dreams that I can milk for at least a week. I'll keep you all posted with some progress reports as I go. And I'm off- to the keyboard! Oh shit, I'm already here. That's a little underwhelming. Check back soon, I'll be spreading the misery. Tis the season!
I see kittens, and lampshades, and monkeys smoking cigarettes....oh, damn, this is just Bobby's wish journal, not the shrooms talking.