Friday, April 22, 2011

Bathing Suit Cover-Up: Because you have to wear something to buy beer at Publix on the way to the beach

As you heard from my hot yoga post, I just bought by first new bikini in years last week. It's pretty cute. Here's a picture:

 Do you know what a pain it was getting this bikini on my dress form? I felt like I was trying to date-rape it. Maybe I should have slipped it a roofie or bought it a wine cooler first. But anyway, once I got this sucker home, I realized that I have a bunch of this see-throughish fabric left over from one of Abby's maternity dresses and my upcycled sweater that would match my bikini perfectly. I wanted to make something really easy so instead of using a dress pattern, I actually used a t-shirt pattern and just made it a little bit longer and added on a pleated ruffle at the bottom.  
This is the Vogue pattern that I used:

I've used the pattern for the short sleeve shirt previously to make this shirt a long time ago.

The intention was to use this pattern to make a bunch of t-shirts with it but cute knit material is hard to find at Jo-Ann's and let's face it, Old Navy is always cheaper anyway. But the pattern is simply one piece for the back, one for the front and then the sleeves. You have facing for the neckline but it's super-fast to make.

Here is the bathing suit cover with the front and back sewn together so far. I extended the pattern about 6 inches below the normal stopping point to add length.

At this point, it's a litle boxy so I have it pinned at the waist to take it in a little more.


Next I cut out the sleeves. Before I sewed them together, I went ahead and hemmed them. I just folded over the edge once, sewed it, and then folded it over again and sewed it one more time so that there are no raw edges showing.

Once that's done, I sew the sleeve together at the seam and then attach it to the dress.

Usually I would baste the top of the sleeve and then pull the thread to gather it at the top, but instead I just fold it over into pleats and pin them as I go.
This is what the sleeve looks like when it's all pinned and ready to be sewn. 
And here it is with the sleeves sewn on. Now we just have to do the facing for the neckline.   
First you cut out the two facing pieces and then sew them together to end up with this.

Then you pin it on top of the dress with the dress right side out so that you have right sides to right sides and sew slowly along the entire neckline.
Once it's sewn, flip it to the inside and then sew it again so it stays put. I always pin everything but you don't have to.
Because it's a little short, I cut out 2 more long pieces of fabric to make a ruffle on the bottom. I did a double hem like I did on the sleeve before pinning it in pleats onto the bottom on the dress and sewing it on.

Here is the finished product:

And that was it! This was really easy and a good pattern to try out if you're just starting to sew. Good luck! I'll be the cougar at Clearwater Beach trying to pick up college freshmen boys if you need any help! Oh, and bring beer.


Country Mouse said...

Cute----can you make me one---about 10 times bigger than that one?????

Anna said...

Sure can! Remember those black shirts I made for us a few Thanksgivings ago? This is the same pattern. I'll just have to make it about a foot shorter to accommodate your midget-like stature.

laceygirl said...

very cute! you are getting very good!

Monica Gehllar said...

Total cuteness! AND you make it sound so easy. I need to start practicing!!

auntie e said...

Very nice, your sewing and your writing and photos. You could develop an online learning site