Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Outfits- done at last! Thank god almighty, they're done at last!

So last Friday night was our "Let's Get Sew Drunk" party and I have to admit that the sewing part was kind of a bust. It's hard to motivate a bunch of people to sew once they've gotten into the eating/chattting mode. Oh, and I'm a super-crappy teacher and the first thing that happened was that both machines immediately got all tangled up by yours truly. Our MVP of the night is Jen who came all the way from Orlando AND brought food and alchohol! We're so lucky our cousin duper her into marrying him. But the best thing that came out of that night was that Shrimp finally finished Echo's birthday outfit!

Here she is showing us all that compared to her daughter, she is like Godzilla ready to eat Tokyo. Look at those tiny little pants! And she finished the shirt off too. I didn't realize that the girls were wearing their outfits for the family pictures the next day. Check this cutie out.

Porkchop's sitting in Jett's car seat! Does it get much cuter? Oh, I guess I should show you pictures of the girls in their outfits too.

They're pretty okay too.

And- the most amazing part- they actually stayed together during the birthday party the next day!

See, no pieces flying off, no pins left in the outfits to rip the blow-up slides as they slide down, and as Shrimp likes to point out, nothing is hot glued! Although by the end of the party Echo's 'stash had grown back. Poor kid- forget about 5 o'clock shadow. She's gonna have a 2 o'clock fu man chu after she goes through puberty.

I like this picture of baby Mary because this tunnel she's in makes it look like she's coming out of a big birth canal. Honestly, that's probably what Abby's vajayjay looks like after pushing that baby out.

Here she is with her beautiful mama. They are pretty stinking beautiful. They take after me.

So all in all, the outfits were a success. Of course, they did look like spanish hookers but that's the look we were going for anyway. Next year we're going for the 'trashy nun' look. It's gonna be hot!


Monica Gehllar said...

The girls look precious! You gals are amazing with that machine!! Count me in for next time ;)

GBR1980 said...

Hi Anna, I featured you on my blog today..I hope that is okay!


Anna said...

Thanks G! I think that's so amazing! And feel free to post links back to your blog anytime. I need to figure out how to do the weekly Linky Links party so that we can all link blogs that way.